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You’re the new Debbie, honey.


A message to all the feminists slinging hate over the past day. You can’t bully me away, I know it’s how you try to deal with people you don’t agree with but it’s not happening here. Unlike feminists though I am willing to consider the possibility that I am wrong. A valid and reasonable criticism of an argument that I cannot logically reply to will make me change my views. I constantly doubt and re-evaluate my beliefs to ensure they are based on logic and reality. Since doing this I have not received a feminist reply even remotely close to being on that level. All the personal attacks, all the ad hominem just prove a lot of my previous points about feminists. Call me a middle schooler, (fedora cliche), neckbeard, dudebro, (something racist about white people)…whatever Even if they are all true (none of them are) It doesn’t change that I’m right. If it makes you feel better about being wrong to imagine me wearing a fedora then go ahead. That must be a bizarre world you live in though. If feminists hate my blog guess what… I’m doing something right.


All I get from this:


Caption this photo

I’ve seen this squirrel anus before

wow wrong blog.

"Mix pineapple juice with club soda, you got yourself a big bucket of crap."

— Peggy Hill (via c3h8-accessories)

"ooooh is that sexy Boomhauer?"

my mom when she saw this image of Riot

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What would weirdos being doing near the gas station?

That was a weird episode of King of the Hill.

Hank ThrillX

I’M DONE!!! More King of the Hill now.